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To create a work environment that fosters our employees personal and professional growth by creating a company culture that seeks to be wealthy in relational capital and awards opportunities. Additionally, we strive to work with excellence, integrity and respect, thus insuring customer satisfaction though every phase of the project.
To be an industry leader in providing high quality construction services to customers in a professional manner. We fulfill our mission through taking full ownership of projects from the initial consultation to the final clean up by self-performing the majority of the job with highly qualified full-time crews. Our commitment is to constantly perfect and improve our craft while also promoting personal growth and development in all levels and positions of First American Restoration Inc staff, therefore guaranteeing total satisfaction for our valued employees and customers.


Good leadership is much more than a company title or position. It begins with a passion for quality and a drive to move individuals and an organization forward. At First American Restoration, we define good leadership as the ability to listen, learn, teach and grow.

Our leaders bring an enthusiasm for construction and a dedication to client service. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our service, fine-tune our delivery, innovate and create according to client needs and specifications.

First American Restoration is committed to outstanding workmanship, customer service and value in every aspect of construction. Through strong leadership and collaboration, we work to exceed our clients’ expectations on every project.

As a general contractor, First American Restoration plays a vital role in ensuring a construction project is properly planned, managed and executed. We work diligently to define the project scope and budget; identify potential construction or zoning challenges; and determine priorities.

We involve our subcontractors early in the process to gather their input and ensure state of the market pricing and accurate schedules are set.

Throughout the project, we continually focus on collaboration, bringing together the input and expertise of the owner, architect, subcontractors and engineers. Our strong management and meticulous eye for detail help ensure that each project is completed on time and on budget.

''We always look at the 'Fortune 500,' and we say, men in power, but we don't look at the glass cellar as opposed to the glass ceiling and say, men also are the homeless, men are also the ones that are the garbage collectors. Men are also the ones dying in construction sites that aren't properly supervised for safety hazards''

Warren Farrell